Our Monthly Virtue = LOVE

Our Monthly Virtue = LOVE

Henry Drummond, 1851-1897, lived in Scotland and was known for his clear thinking theology and concise arguments in favor of the Gospel. His best-known essay is called The Greatest Thing in the World. This classic, short essay unpacks 1 Corinthians 13, perhaps the most famous chapter in the entire Bible. This chapter explores and dissects love. Love, is first contrasted with what it is NOT…then, as with light through a prism, love is considered in all its component parts.

Over the next 12 months, there will be a monthly posting called the Our Monthly Virtue. We will track and use Mr. Drummond’s treatise very closely and with great respect, since this work has served as the foundation for many eloquent sermons and books on the central subject of Love. Our objective is to set the reader’s course for the month on a precise virtue, with the hope and prayer that it acts as a guiding light, a beacon and touchstone throughout the month to better guide our lives.

Drummond calls love the summum bonum—the supreme good. If we have only one life to live and we wish to live it well and to the highest goal, we should Live to Love. In fact, Drummond says with some emphasis and without apology, the “It is better not to live, than not to love.” More on this quote later…

Paul is not along in singling out Love as the highest calling. Peter and John both state it emphatically. “Above all things have fervent love among yourselves” (Peter) and John puts it succinctly, “God is Love.” That makes Love the highest calling for if “God is Love”, how can we aspire to anything greater that God?

When we love we fulfill the Law. When we truly love God, can any of us really allow another God before Him? When we truly love God, could any of us ever dream of taking His name is vain…which is to consider it lightly or as a mere McDonald’s Happy Meal toy? When we truly love God, we would never ever consider killing another, lying or dishonoring or father or mother. When we truly love God, stealing become abhorrent and coveting our neighbor’s stuff ceases to be an issue. Love fulfills the Law of God. We will explore Love in all its beautiful complexities and rainbow colors beginning in February and continuing through December.

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