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Doubting Easter

For many, Easter is like Christmas. It is one of the times that you might find yourself going to church. Attending church on Easter makes your parents happy and the kids love it. All the pageantry, Easter egg hunts and delightful Easter brunches that usually follow. It is an easy “fix” for your weary, spiritual conscience and feels good at
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Apr 14 2022
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Out with the Old Life

Yet for us to get right with God, we’ve all got to attend what Oswald Chambers would call our own “white funeral”—the burial of our old lives. We call it a white funeral because our old natures—the accepted wisdom that we’ve relied on has gotten us nowhere—must die. Most of us who know Jesus Christ as our personal Savior remember
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Jun 06 2018
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God’s Repair Shop

We need to remember that even if our lives are completely blown up, they can be repaired. God is a repairman who fixes shattered lives and makes them whole again. His tools are conviction, confession, repentance, and forgiveness of sin. These are the tools of deep, permanent, personal change in our lives. One of the dangerous facts about sin is
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Apr 11 2018
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Point Them to Jesus

Taking our faith in Jesus to work or out with our friends is an intimidating thing. We are considered wimps or worse for believing in Jesus, and we get confronted with tough questions. People want to know why a “loving” God allows starvation in Africa or massive earthquakes in poor countries or a gunman killing six-year-old kids at school. They
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Mar 14 2018