Gospel Missiles

Gospel Missiles

Matching GiftDHT has a donor who wishes to donate $50,000 to publish and distribute copies of our daily devotional, entitled “Doing HIS Time; Meditations and Prayers for Men and Women in Prison” But, before we get the donation, the donor is requesting that DHT match the $50,000 to produce a pool of $100,000. With the $100,000, DHT would place 83,350 copies of into prisons throughout the USA. Each copy of the book costs $1.20.

But, as you decide whether to support of this endeavor it might make sense to answer a question that is probably on your mind. What is the ROI of spending this money? What metric can I hang my hat on to show that this is a worthwhile investment? What is the payoff of spending $100,000 to print, and distribute this book?

Excellent questions! Here is the answer:

  • There are over 2,300,000 persons incarcerated in the USA today…
  • 95% of these inmates will be released at some point…
  • The average annual cost of holding a inmate behind bars is $32,000 ($47,000 in California…$14,000 in Kentucky)
  • The average cost of a DHT devotional is $1.20
  • If 83,350 devotionals are distributed in the USA prison system:
    • Let’s estimate only 10%, or 8,350 inmates have a heart changing experience…
    • If only 10% of that number (1%) i.e., 835 inmates leave prison per year with a changed heart and stay out of prison for one year, the ROI is calculated as follows:
  • 835 ex-offenders X $32,000 Average Cost = over $26,000,000 savings…per year…every year…

And, sure, while we all know that someone with an imagination can make numbers say whatever you want them to say, but this calculation is so conservative, as to belie any hint of manipulation.

Then, of course there is the eternal ROI…how do you put a metric on a saved soul? Please take a moment and consider helping DHT provide these books to these men and women in the prisons of the USA!


These devotionals are “Gospel Missiles” that have the power to penetrate the hardened silos of an inmate’s heart.

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