The way to freedom…

Yes, Jesus did very carefully and gently tell the women caught in adultery to simply “Go, and sin no more.” He did not want her to feel like scum as the crowd wanted but loved her at the same time of telling her to stop sinning.
Confessing our shortcomings to an AA or Al-Anon sponsor should not be a humiliating experience. I am a member of Al-Anon and know the 12 steps very well. The purpose of making a list is that we often deny we have faults and want to bury them, hoping they will go away on their own. Confessing them to ourselves and to God is the first step towards really being free of them. Once we can accept God’s forgiveness and then forgive ourselves, we are able to share our character flaws with another AA member.

Don’t fear…God’s love covers you completely.


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