What a Difference a Little Time Makes…

The same picture of the New York Skyline taken 18 hours apart
These are the same picture of the New York Skyline taken 18 hours apart from the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Central Park Reservoir in January 2015. I was struck by how different they looked after just the passage of a short time…18 hours. How quickly the sky, mood and appearance of the same setting went from sad and foreboding to crisp, clear and hopeful.

In a way, the metaphor and imagery of these two identical pictures, taken within a few ours of one another captures what can happen in a person’s life when the sunshine of love, acceptance and hope burst forth to warm up someone’s soul. At DHT 72-Hour Fund we offer ACCEPTANCE of the ex-offender when they arrive at our offices. After that, LOVE and HOPE take root as the individual finds a new wardrobe and receives backback filled with personal hygiene items. When people feel the warm hug of Jesus wrapped around their shoulders like a flannel blanket, their spirits are renewed and a new dawn breaks through the darkeness of their former life. This may be why for the recidivism rates for ex-offenders who get help from God through 72-Hour Fund is less than 20% VS. 50+% average for the State of Colorado.

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