Grace Changes Everything  

Grace Changes Everything  

Easter 2020 will be remembered mostly for the Corona virus and how it will keep almost all of us in our homes and away from our places of worship. In spite of the quarantines and lockdowns, we still celebrate the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus in our own quiet ways. Let us remember why the grace of God, expressed through the giving of His Son changes everything in our life; how it restores our damaged personalities and produces a life of abundance.

We begin with a little look back. God created a perfect Earth. He created Adam and Eve to care for His perfect creation, but unfortunately for them and for us, they screwed it up. Sin entered the world, ruptured our relationship with God and made life enormously tougher for all of us.

This enormity of the breach in our relationship with God is like us standing on one side of The Grand Canyon and God on the other. No amount of human effort can get us reunited with God on the other side. Only a bridge can get us back together.

Big problem however; God is a just God. This means that God cannot simply snap His fingers and create a bridge. Just like we demand justice when a horrendous crime is committed, so too, God’s character requires justice for man’s sin. A dilemma for sure. 

But God had a solution. In His wisdom and love for His creation, you and me, He sent Jesus to live among us, spread kindness wherever He went and, by dying on the cross, build a bridge for us back to God. His resurrection on Easter completes the package. Now all we have to do is believe and be saved.

This is called Grace. A free gift of salvation by believing in Jesus. Grace brings us back into relationship with God. Grace confirms our value. Would God send his Son to die for worthless junk? I think not! Grace confirms that our sins are forgiven. God forgives us, we forgive others; and ultimately, we come to a place of forgiving ourselves.

When we truly understand the enormity of God’s gracious gift to all of us, we begin to experience His love. When we feel His love, we begin to love others. When we begin to love others, we start loving ourselves. When that occurs, we enter into new relationship with the One who paid our debt. We begin to love the generosity of God and live abundant, loving, caring, Christ centered lives.

Grace changes everything.