It takes so very little to CHANGE A LIFE! Consider these small “cups of cold water":

  • Immediate acceptance and hope

  • Access to new/used cloths; winter-summer/dress/casual

  • Bus tokens

  • Backpack with hygiene items

  • Help with I.D. paperwork

  • A ride to the prison on visiting days.



This ministry assists in keeping families together by providing low cost/no cost transportation to/from the correctional facility in which their loved one is staying.


72 hour fund

The 72-Hour Fund provides recently released ex-offenders, essential services to assist their successful transition back into Colorado society. DHT provides: cloths (summer/winter; dressy/casual), shoes/work boots, bus tokens, backpacks with hygiene items, I.D documents assistance and job opportunities.


Doing his Time

This is a one-of-a-kind, daily devotional written using inmate language, stories, slang and culture brings the Gospel of Jesus to incarcerated men and women in a way they will welcome and understand.