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Forgiving Ourselves

The late, Brennan Manning wrote this in an essay on Forgiveness in his book, Souvenirs of Solitude. “The proof par excellence of the Christian who has experienced God’s unbearable forgiveness and infinite patience is that he is able to be forgiving and patient with others.” This statement reflects what Jesus taught in the parable of the Unmerciful Servant in Matthew
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Jun 08 2015
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Most Encouraging News: Part Two

Last posting we talked about the most encouraging thing anyone could hear is God saying to us “I love you.” To be loved by the Creator of the Universe is better than having the direct dial phone to the greatest lawyer, movie star or politician. To be loved by God is to affirm our worth. We are worthy of God’s
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Jun 02 2015
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Most Encouraging News: Part One

The most encouraging news that anyone could ever hear is the message that “God loves you.” Just exactly why that is so heartening lies in the Bible verse, Romans 5:8, But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Note that this verse doesn’t say Christ died for us AFTER
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May 27 2015
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A Right Relationship with Jesus

Nobody goes to hell because they are homosexual…or adulterers…or child molesters…or murderers…or greedy, mean and dishonest. No, people walk willingly into hell (that place where God is not) for one reason and one reason alone. They do not have a right relationship with Jesus. These things listed above are symptomatic of a life that is out of kilter. It’s a
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May 14 2015
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When Gravity No Longer Works

Life is a sexually transmitted disease, with a 100% mortality rate! In other words, we are all going to die. It is just a question of when the trapdoor opens underneath us and we fall off the planet. At that moment, gravity will no longer work for us and keep our feet connected to earth. The only question for us
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May 08 2015
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Receive / Achieve: The Gospel in Two Words

The essence of the Gospel message of Jesus can be summarized and explained in two words: Receive / Achieve. The order in which they apply to our lives determines whether we are living by Grace or by another world religion.Every other world religion has some truth somewhere inside of it. There are sound principles, ethical tenets to be mined in
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Apr 15 2015