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2014 "Cups of Cold Water"

2014 proved to be our best year ever in terms of providing a “cup of cold water” to what Jesus describes in Matthew 25 as “the least of these.” Please examine the ministry statistics, listed below and then read on further for some dialogue on what these numbers mean in terms of changed lives…

DHT/72 Hour Fund

DHT Operations Manager Chris Mays, right, and a recently released inmate "go shopping" in our donated clothing racks.

1,650+ ex-offenders, male and female, came through DHT/72 Hour Fund doors seeking hope, acceptance and the tangible grace of God in their lives.

DHT/72 Hour Fund dispensed over 15,000 bus rides in the form of bus passes, 10 pack coupon books and individual bus tokens.

1,035 men and women received a full complement of hygiene items; including soap, deodorant, toothbrush/toothpaste, feminine hygiene products and other items necessary to restore hope and human dignity.

975 recipients found clothing; including winter coats, hats, gloves interview suits and shoes.

276 backpacks were supplied; 29 pairs of steel-toed work boots were provided; 13 birth certificates issued; 26 I.D. Cards issued.

72 Hour Fund Ministry Impact

We track each ex-offender who comes through the ministry. Since 2011, thenumber of inmates who have returned to prison (18%) after getting a “cup of cold water” from DHT is 64% less than the Colorado average Recidivism rate of 49.8% Those statistics represent about 450 men and women over five years. At an annual cost of $31,000 per year to house a man/women in prison, DHT’s 72 Hour Fund has conservatively saved the State of Colorado in excess of $20,000,000.00


Our fleet of four (4), 14-passenger vans logged over 106,000 miles transporting 2050 souls to almost every prison facility in Colorado on weekends. These trips allowed the Holy Spirit to keep families together through their visiting day get-togethers. We cannot calculate, short of heaven, exactly how this ministry is assisting the Holy Spirit in keeping families together…but we are confident that it is significant!