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Changing Trajectory

Webster defines trajectory as the path of a moving body through space; a taken course, a path. All of us are on a certain path or course, i.e., our trajectory. Some of us are on a paved, super highway, cruising along at 75 MPH. Others of us seem to be on an elliptical route, circling back to old friends, haunts, mistakes and never breaking free of the endless loop. Many men and women in prison wonder just how they ended up doing 20 to life after what seemed such a promising start. More than a few prisoners know exactly how they got there; many suffering abuse from uncles, parents, or spouses, and medicating those pains with drugs and alcohol. Since over 95% of men and women in prison eventually are released back into society they and we should consider how to change a path…a trajectory for those getting out.

ChangesAt Doing HIS Time Prison Ministry, our Colorado based (Denver) 72 Hour Fund seems to have discovered a way to do just that. Our 72 Hour Fund offers ex-offenders help within the first days and months after a Colorado inmate is released. Over the last five years DHT has assisted over 1,500 men and women ex-offenders. Of those 1,500 only 13% (195 souls) have returned to prison! The recidivism rate average for the State of Colorado is 50.4% (756 souls) The 72 Hour Fund statistics astounded us. What could DHT be doing that has changed the trajectory…the path…of these ex-offenders?

DHT consulted a few friends and a sociologist and they offered the following analysis. First, they said, contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t take a great deal of assistance to significantly alter the orbit of someone. Second, specific to DHT 72 Hour Fund, because DHT was a dedicated "prison ministry" ex-offenders feel welcome and loved, not judged, the minute they step into the office. They likened it to an AA or Al-Anon meeting where no one has to explain why he or she is there. Third, the acceptance of offering help to ALL ex-offenders regardless of faith status or crime, the women and men feel love and acceptance in a way that many had never felt in their entire lives. Fourth, by having 72 Hour Fund provide real time, tangible "face and hands of Jesus" provision, i.e., steel toed work boots, shoes, belts, classy interview-worthy women’s outfits, winter coats, food, backpacks and identification assistance (SS card applications, birth certificates) that HOPE was restored.

The take away for all of us is that even though you might not have a 72 Hour Fund in your state, you could have one! We will share the DNA on how to run one…on the cheap. But the most important lesson is that it IS possible to change a life’s trajectory. C’mon people…make it happen in your neighborhood.

Resurrection: Why Wait?

This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun! 2 Corinthians 5:17 NLT

 ResurrectionAs we contemplate Easter and the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, most of us take comfort in the fact that someday…after we are dead…that we, too, will be resurrected like Jesus and spend eternity in His presence. This is true…BUT…we do not have to die to experience the Resurrection…it’s available to us right now…TODAY

Webster’s dictionary defines resurrection this way, “the act of causing something that had ended or been forgotten or lost to exist again, to be used again, etc.”

 At Doing HIS Time Prison Ministry we see resurrection almost every day. When an ex-offender comes into DHT 72 Hour Fund and tries on new cloths, receives a hug from our ex-offender staff or walks out with luggage filled with new shoes, a winter coat, almost new shirts or blouses, dresses and a purse, they are transformed…”resurrected” into a new life of purpose, hope and love. We know this because less than 20% of every man or woman who feels God’s love through DHT 72 Hour Fund, goes back to prison after three years. The power that changes these hearts is Jesus. The delivery system that brings Jesus to these souls is the Holy Spirit working through DHT 72 Hour Fund.

 Pastor Rick Warren writes:

 “Can a butterfly go back into a cocoon after it’s come out as a caterpillar? Of course not. It can’t happen. Once the caterpillar becomes a butterfly, it is what it is — a butterfly. When you become a believer, you’re like that butterfly — you come out of your cocoon. It may take you some time to fly spiritually, but once you become a new creation in Christ, you are what you are. You are a new creation. So what does it mean to become a new creation in Christ? The moment you believe in Christ, there’s a spiritual metamorphosis — everything changes! This is a matter of faith and not sight. The greatest step of faith we can take in our lives is to believe what God says about who Jesus is and accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior.”

 Can’t say it better than Pastor Rick…

What a Difference a Little Time Makes…

The same picture of the New York Skyline taken 18 hours apart These are the same picture of the New York Skyline taken 18 hours apart from the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Central Park Reservoir in January 2015. I was struck by how different they looked after just the passage of a short time…18 hours. How quickly the sky, mood and appearance of the same setting went from sad and foreboding to crisp, clear and hopeful.

In a way, the metaphor and imagery of these two identical pictures, taken within a few ours of one another captures what can happen in a person’s life when the sunshine of love, acceptance and hope burst forth to warm up someone’s soul. At DHT 72-Hour Fund we offer ACCEPTANCE of the ex-offender when they arrive at our offices. After that, LOVE and HOPE take root as the individual finds a new wardrobe and receives backback filled with personal hygiene items. When people feel the warm hug of Jesus wrapped around their shoulders like a flannel blanket, their spirits are renewed and a new dawn breaks through the darkeness of their former life. This may be why for the recidivism rates for ex-offenders who get help from God through 72-Hour Fund is less than 20% VS. 50+% average for the State of Colorado.

72-Hour Fund Recidivism Rates Lower Than State Average

Dear DHT Friends, In 2003, DHT started 72 Hour Fund; a reintegration ministry that deals with the flood of ex-offenders being released back into Colorado society…but who do not have adequate or even elementary resources to help them stay out of prison. The vision God entrusted to us was to be an oasis where ex-offenders of all faiths could get a “cup of cold water.” In addition, we wanted 72 Hour Fund to be a place where a recently released ex-offender would feel acceptance, hope and “experiential grace”…that is, a real, tangible love of Jesus, as if a warm flannel blanket of forgiveness and love had been thrown around their shoulders.

We offer these men and women tangible grace; i.e., backpacks, shoes, socks, pants, shirts, dresses, purses, belts, work boots, winter coats, hygiene items and help with identification items. We also offer bus tokens for their transportation needs. While we know the love of God is felt while these souls are in our offices, many of our donors wonder if there are any long lasting effects. In other words, “Does 72 Hour Fund make a difference?”

The answer is a resounding YES. The chart below shows all the 72 Hour Fund clients from 2010-2012, a three year period. During that time, 1,028 ex-offenders came through and felt God’s grace in a real way. As you can see, after three years out, only 13% have returned to a Colorado state prison…compared the State of Colorado average of 48.8% for the same period. We are not certain as to why the numbers are so dramatically different, yet, they are…and the WHY is less important to DHT as the fact that God is doing something positive for Colorado through DHT 72 Hour Fund.

Recidivism Total Chart

Please give us your old and new cloths…the ones that no longer fit. And give us financial support for the items that cannot be donated. We are in this together. Help us continue to make Colorado a safer place.



72-Hour FundJim Vogelzang
2014 "Cups of Cold Water"

2014 proved to be our best year ever in terms of providing a “cup of cold water” to what Jesus describes in Matthew 25 as “the least of these.” Please examine the ministry statistics, listed below and then read on further for some dialogue on what these numbers mean in terms of changed lives…

DHT/72 Hour Fund

DHT Operations Manager Chris Mays, right, and a recently released inmate "go shopping" in our donated clothing racks.

1,650+ ex-offenders, male and female, came through DHT/72 Hour Fund doors seeking hope, acceptance and the tangible grace of God in their lives.

DHT/72 Hour Fund dispensed over 15,000 bus rides in the form of bus passes, 10 pack coupon books and individual bus tokens.

1,035 men and women received a full complement of hygiene items; including soap, deodorant, toothbrush/toothpaste, feminine hygiene products and other items necessary to restore hope and human dignity.

975 recipients found clothing; including winter coats, hats, gloves interview suits and shoes.

276 backpacks were supplied; 29 pairs of steel-toed work boots were provided; 13 birth certificates issued; 26 I.D. Cards issued.

72 Hour Fund Ministry Impact

We track each ex-offender who comes through the ministry. Since 2011, thenumber of inmates who have returned to prison (18%) after getting a “cup of cold water” from DHT is 64% less than the Colorado average Recidivism rate of 49.8% Those statistics represent about 450 men and women over five years. At an annual cost of $31,000 per year to house a man/women in prison, DHT’s 72 Hour Fund has conservatively saved the State of Colorado in excess of $20,000,000.00


Our fleet of four (4), 14-passenger vans logged over 106,000 miles transporting 2050 souls to almost every prison facility in Colorado on weekends. These trips allowed the Holy Spirit to keep families together through their visiting day get-togethers. We cannot calculate, short of heaven, exactly how this ministry is assisting the Holy Spirit in keeping families together…but we are confident that it is significant!

Meet Desiree, a woman blessed by God and a product of Doing HIS Time’s 72 Hour Fund.

Desiree Desiree was at the Denver Women’s Correctional Facility when she attended a meeting sponsored by DHT to introduce 72 Hour Fund to ladies who were interested. At this meeting she met Suzy Mays, wife of our Operations Manager, Mr. Chris Mays. Desiree had completed the cosmetology training inside DWCF, so was getting out with skills to support herself upon her return to society. She did not have the professional tools of her trade, i.e., shears, scissors and clippers. She would need those things to practice, but more importantly, use them to get her license from the State of Colorado. She asked Suzy if DHT/72 Hour Fund could help.

Suzy encouraged her to write a letter outlining her needs and to pray over the letter before it was sent to her. Desiree did both of those things. Upon receiving Desiree’s letter, Suzy shared it with two lady volunteers who were arranging cloths at the DHT HQ. The ladies were touched and offered to donate the money for Desiree so she could buy her tools and get her license and again, become a productive member of society.

Upon her release, Desiree came to DHT/72 Hour Fund and got outfitted with cloths, hygiene items, birth certificate and other essentials. Most of all, she and Suzy went to the store and bought professional shears, scissors and clippers and other equipment necessary for cosmetology success. Now 90 days later, you see Desiree! She has passed her exams, obtained her cosmetology license from the State of Colorado and is actively pursuing her own chair in a salon near her home.

This is simply one story how a “cup of cold water” changed a life in Jesus’ name.

72-Hour FundJim Vogelzang