Working Together Through the Power of One


1 Kings 19:10 tells the tale of Elijah having a bad day and throwing a massive pity party.  He thought he was the only follower of God left in Israel. How could Israel be reclaimed for God if he was the only good guy left?

We look around our neighborhoods and maybe our offices  and wonder the same thing. We check out Internet news sites and watch video posts showing vivid footage of children separated from parents, massive flooding and wars going on around the world. We ask ourselves how a small minority of Christians in the world can ever hope to have any positive influence? Is there realistic hope for changing the world, our country or our neighborhoods with so few followers of Christ? The answer is a resounding YES!

Look back on other small groups that accomplished great things. After the Israelites left Egypt and wandered around the desert for forty years, only a small group of people remained to conquer the Promised Land. Esther and her uncle Mordecai, the only two godly people in a powerful but corrupt king’s household, saved the Jewish population from destruction (see Esther 1–10). Later on, twelve uneducated men were entrusted with bringing the Gospel of Christ to the world. Each of these groups was small, but each had a powerful impact.

Take courage from these men and women who influenced their world for good. They were not hindered by the enormity of the task. Instead they trusted the One who could give them the supernatural strength to overcome the odds.

We can take strength from each other. Together, we can resolve to continue the struggle, knowing that other small bands of believers and churches are fighting next to us. Always remember that salvation for all of us came from only one person: Jesus Christ (see 1 Timothy 2:5-6). One person can make an incredible difference. Stay strong in that knowledge, and trust God for strength.

Emily Vogelzang