When we run against the wind on a jog around the neighborhood, we feel the wind’s resistance. In the gym, we lift weights to gain strength. When we lift more than the day before, it is the resistance of the weight that builds the muscles in us up.

So, too, it is in our daily Christian lives. If we take a stand against a sexual harassment at work, we, most likely, will face hostility from the corporate structure. When we attempt to speak truth to power, we will almost certainly, meet opposition. In our spiritual walk, anytime we oppose the evil in any form, we make the devil angry. We can expect spiritual attacks, for he will attempt to remove any opposition to his evil schemes.

Jesus confronted evil within the Jewish religious leadership and was mocked, unjustly arrested and then, tried, tortured, beaten and killed for His efforts. We can expect opposition! We need to stand our ground in the face of wickedness, refusing to go along with the forces of evil in the world. We must avoid policies that promise quick promotion if it means compromising our love of God.

However, this should not cause for concern or fear. Consider the attacks from Satan as confirmation that we are serving our Lord and infuriating Satan. It should concern us if we do not get hassled by the devil. If our spiritual lives are lukewarm, the devil doesn’t even have to bother with us. He is angry only when we get in the way of his wicked ideas. Confront evil. Wear resistance as a badge of honor and trust god to be at your side, always!

Jim Vogelzang