Joy Through Serving

Joy Through Serving

When we discover and accept God’s love for us in Jesus, our fears are banished, allowing us to live with more freedom. Our existence takes on a new excitement and purpose as we understand what God has done for us. Our outlook on our life’s purpose changes like a compass whose needle was facing south but now points north. We migrate from a life of self-centered fear to a life of service. As a result, fears evaporate. Our lives become a mirror of Christ’s as we forget ourselves and begin to pour out our life’s energy into others who have yet to discover the Savior’s love and its power over fear.

But what does that new life look like? What are the practical ways to show Christ’s love to others?

How many in our circle of friends are hurting? How many around us need a listening ear of loving concern? Have we made any efforts to see the needs within the poor of our own community? How many children on our cities are going without food?

In every community there are homeless shelters or places where the less fortunate get food and clothing. We can offer a word of encouragement to the new residents who arrive daily. Do they need simple things like shampoo, deodorant, or toothpaste?  Offering to braid a woman’s hair makes her feel a little more human. Each time we share our lives with others, we not only cheer up a person but also show Christ’s love. We become Christ’s face and hands and voice to that person.

As we pour our lives into others, we will experience joy and a sense of meaning that may have never existed in our lives. We discover true joy is always found in service to others.

In addition, and even more importantly, we help these men and women accept forgiveness for their pasts, make peace with their present, and discover hope for the future. Jesus’ life was spent showing kindness and mercy to others. We can do it too.