Prayer for Seekers of Salvation

Prayer for Seekers of Salvation

Jesus, why would You die for me?

That is the hardest question I ask when I come close to asking You into my heart and taking Your free gift of grace.

How could You love me?

Yet, Jesus, I have read how You loved David even when he committed adultery and first-degree murder. In my heart, I have done worse!

You loved Saul when he was terrorizing Christians, and You turned him into Paul… someone valuable.

I long to be of value to someone. I have abused drugs, had an abortion, cheated on my wife and I have let You down. But no more! Today, I commit to You and accept Your free gift—Your grace—for me.

Thank You for loving me so much that You would die for me.

As I speak these words, my spirit lifts.

I feel Your presence and the power of the Holy Spirit coming over me.

Thank You, Jesus.