Harmony Out of Chaos

Harmony Out of Chaos

Many of us like to excuse or rationalize inappropriate behavior by saying we “all have our personal demons.” As if somehow that justifies our coarseness and rebellion. It’s really just a way of giving us cover to act out in a way we’ve already decided to do.

In the account recorded in Mark 5:7, Jesus confronts a man who is filled with actual demons. These demons recognize Jesus and ask Him a question we often ask, “Why are you interfering with me, Jesus?” When Jesus asks the demons for their names, they reply cleverly with a fake name to conceal their identity. But Jesus is never fooled. He throws out the demons.

Our smoke screens never fool Jesus either. He sees our real identities. Our smoke screens take the form of paralyzing fear, inner insecurity, restlessness, self-loathing, anger, sexual immorality, drugs, and unsettled minds. We are consumed by racial hatred and love of power, and we are tormented by conflicted spirits. We deny and cling to these demons because we believe we cannot live without them. Yet, Jesus looks into our lives, “interferes” with them, and brings harmony out of our chaos.


He delivers genuine peace by assuring us that we can trust His will for our lives. How many of us would welcome the peace of knowing that a powerful God has our backs? Jesus gives us true sleep-through-the-night rest by demonstrating love that is relentless and unconditional. We can rest in a love that died for us! He anoints our hearts with joy when we serve others in His name.