How Valuable are You?

How Valuable are You?

What is a person worth? What are we worth? What are you worth? Do you ever sit alone after a tough day or in the midst of a busy life and ponder the question, “What am I worth?” Most of us do from time to time. The problem is that we look for the answers in the wrong places. In secular society the answer to “value” question is wrapped up in what our jobs are, or how much money we earn or how beautiful we are. Sometimes we flash the Rolex we wear to garner value from others. Sometimes we brag about the vacation spots we have visited or the new cars we are driving. In a world driven by advertising these are the answers put forth.

Big problem is all these things never satisfy. There is always someone with a more expensive car, flashier watch and bigger house. It is a fool’s game that leaves us feeling like we are hamsters on an exercise wheel. So what is the source of true value and significance?

The answer is found at the Cross of Christ. Remember, the power of the cross is that although we were more sinful than we ever dared think…God loved us so much that He sacrificed His Son to pay the penalty for our sin. God wanted relationship with us…valued us so much…that Jesus laid down His life voluntarily so that we would be in relationship with Him forever. This ultimate gift of love cannot be equaled and is the immovable rock that stands with us when times are good…but more importantly…when times are tough. God demonstrates our value to Him and His love for us on the Cross of Calvary.

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  1. I know I can never do anything to repay Christ for the debt he paid fore Or took until I lost my husband and dad to truly exactly how deep Gods love runs. My husband and I love each other with our whole hearts.I do not do everything right but I always try and I try really hard to forgive others. I grew up in church and believed Jesus loved me enough but I never felt as clear and deep as I do now. The reason being I never felt truly love.till I met and married my husband. I was at home alone a year after I lost them crying. All the sudden I heard God in my heart say”imagine since they loved me that’ much how much did he(God) love me. Now in not saying that why he took then but I am saying there is at least once blessing that did happen. I haven’t life to God and now I forgive the easy things along with the really hard painfully thing’s. God is amazing!

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