Jesus: The Ultimate Feminist

Jesus: The Ultimate Feminist

Jesus and the Apostle Paul place a great deal of emphasis on being a “Son” of God and being called into “Sonship” with Christ (See Matthew 5:9; Luke 6:35; John 12:36; Romans 8:14 & 9: 26; Galatians 3:26 & 4: 4-6). For many women, these passages and references to the Son and Sonship irritate and sometimes cause women to turn away from the Gospel of Jesus. They feel it is not inclusive or worthy of 21st Century thinking. To many it seems outdated and therefore irrelevant.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Jesus is and was the ultimate supporter and promoter of women. To fully understand how significant His affirmations of women were then and are today, we must comprehend the culture of 1st Century Judea.  Then, a woman had no status, nor was her testimony admissible in courts of law.  Men could divorce their wives by simply saying, three times, “I divorce you.” Men were not expected to address women in public. Women were treated as possessions. In 1st Century Judea, you had to be a man to inherited family wealth.

Jesus, in 1st Century Judea, by contrast, was the ultimate feminist! No one bestowed honor and value and worth to women more than our Savior. Consider three occasions that prove this point. First, in John 4: 1-42, Jesus meets, talks and asks for a drink of water from the Samaritan woman at the well. By doing this, He broke the rules of male/female relationships. In John 8: 1-11, Jesus defends and counsels the woman caught in adultery. He protects her, values her and gently instructs her to “go and sin no more.” Lastly, in John 20: 11-18, Jesus first appears to Mary. He entrusts the most important moment and message of history to a woman! He empowers Mary, who would not normally be believed on any subject, with the responsibility of informing the disciples that He is Risen! By 1st Century standards, this would not have been considered a promising way to begin a religious movement.

Jesus was elevating women to men’s level. Full equality! When Jesus talked to all people about becoming Sons of God and Paul continues with his teachings that we are ALL heirs of God’s bounty and righteousness, they are speaking to ALL people…women included, that they are Sons of God! To Jews listening in 1st Century Jerusalem, Jesus was preaching a radical orthodoxy that made women equal to men. The announcement that all women are equal to men and heirs to the Kingdom of God speaks powerfully to the inclusiveness of the wonderful, God we serve.

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  1. I agree totally. Thank u for this information for it is for today’s world He is still promoting women in this world today. We can be free to be soul winners for Him.. The most important job for all Christains. We were chosen to be mamas. Most important job ever for women. Thank u

  2. That was a wonderful up lifting message thank you for sharing. I have a son who has been incarcerated for almost 10 years. He only got 56months but because his was a sex crime hes been in the sexual predator treatment program for a long time. Please pray for him .Thank you and Thank you Lord Jesus !!!!!

  3. I have always been taught and believe Jesus was speaking of men and women in the statement “sons of God “.Many statements written with male gender refer to men and women. It only takes a little research to see this. Thanks for sharing 🙏🏽❤🔥

  4. Just FYI (maybe you’re already aware), John 7:53 – 8:11 is not found in the earliest manuscripts. It’s probably not a part of the original book, and doesn’t belong in the Bible. It’s only there now so that we don’t wonder where John 8:1-11 went when we read our Bibles. Again, just an FYI.

  5. Amen I agree…also Jesus church is called the Bride of Christ. .men and women. ..Offspring of Yahweh and creations of Elohim. This is a mystery many don’t understand. The secret things belong to God but those things that are revealed belong to His servsnts.

  6. God created equal and that fact was kind of forgot over the years, until Jesus came along and totally tossed up their traditions

  7. This is Totally Awesome ! Yes Yes ! I am So Excited to share this message it is True and God bless you ! Thank you Thak you !!! You have made me One Happy person today. Jesus is the Coolest !

  8. My belief is that God sees male and female as equal human beings when we spread the Gospel. The Lord God wants souls to go to heaven not hell. He loves all mankind. He wants all to know about His Son Jesus being born of Mary by His Spirit, growing up, living among people teaching and preaching redemption through His love for all people by dying on the cross for our sins so that (all mankind) may have a right to have eternal life after admitting that we are sinners, and that he arose from the dead and is sitting on the right hand of His Father and is returning for us at a time that God the Father only knows. After His resurrection, Jesus said to Mary ” …go to thy brethren and say unto them I ascend unto my Father, and your Father and to my God, and your God” . John 20:17 (KJV) This statement lets me know that God wants all of us to spread His Gospel; in this instance, a woman. This was BIG News and a Huge Assignment. If God trusts women with His Word.
    14) Even so it is not the will of Your Father which is in heaven, that one of these little ones shall perish. Matthew 18:14 (KJV)

  9. I was given a copy of doing his time while incarcerated for a short time last year. I was so grateful to have this piece of the word to read in there that I could understand and relate to. I was only in jail 10 days, that was last June and I am now 8 months clean from a gruesome Heroin addiction!! I have and still do read my doing his time several times throughout the week. It always speaks right to me and has given me a better understanding and closer relationship with my RRedeemer! Thanks for your ministry! You are changing souls!!

  10. Great message! ! Just shows how awesome our God is!! Please share how I can become a part of your ministry in the South Chicago Suburban area

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