Prayer for Acceptance of God’s Love

Prayer for Acceptance of God’s Love

God, Jesus—whoever You are—I am frightened. You see, I have never been loved in my life.

I cannot remember when I truly felt the warm flannel blanket of a mother’s love around my shoulders. God, I have trouble with any father figure in my life because mine hit me for years and
my mother did nothing to stop it.

In my heart, I desperately long to have 
a loving father and mother in my life, but I am also desperately afraid of letting someone into my inner soul. My soul has been pierced and assaulted so many times. I am struggling with my desire and need to be loved and
my fear of being wounded again.

As I read this and offer a prayer, I ask You to assure me 
of the genuineness of Your love. Sow seeds of trust in my soul so that I will trust Your loving-kindness.

May Your love banish my fears and replace them with a relationship that will fill the hole in my heart.Amen.

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