Looking For Love...

Looking For Love…

While on road trips between LA and Denver, I like to stop my truck in out of the way places and take a look around for evidence of life as it happens in the real world. On my last road trip, I pulled of I-70 at the Rulison (no services) exit to do just that. Why I pulled off there is anyone’s guess, but I did. While walking around, looking at the Rockies, I glanced down at something that caught my eye. There lying at the side of the exit on ramp were these women’s panties, (See pictures below) with the big word LOVE stamped on the back.
At first I just ignored them, but I could not let it go, for I wondered about what had happened on this lonely 300 yards of on-ramp, off I-70. Mickey Gilley’s, famous line from his hit song, Lookin’ For Love, came flooding into my brain…”I was lookin’ for love in all the wrong places…”

LoveObviously, I knew what action had most likely transpired, but it was the implied desperation of someone who wanted LOVE so deeply that they bought underwear proclaiming it! The irony of the word LOVE on the undergarment and the futility and hopelessness of attempting to find real LOVE in a pickup truck on an on-ramp off a deserted interstate that made me think. All of us search for love all our lives. Some of us look to work to satisfy the craving. Others to their children or families. But, the only source of real LOVE comes from something that doesn’t disappoint, change or manipulate us with words and promises that will never be kept. Only Jesus offers us the LOVE that never fails.

On this road, late one night, did a girl, young women or middle-aged lady give in to the world’s definition of what LOVE is as she searched so desperately for it, in vain, on a lonely strip of concrete in Rulison, CO?

“Help us Lord to look for and find LOVE in the only place it exists.” Amen

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