Meet Desiree, a woman blessed by God and a product of Doing HIS Time’s 72 Hour Fund.

Desiree was at the Denver Women’s Correctional Facility when she attended a meeting sponsored by DHT to introduce 72 Hour Fund to ladies who were interested. At this meeting she met Suzy Mays, wife of our Operations Manager, Mr. Chris Mays. Desiree had completed the cosmetology training inside DWCF, so was getting out with skills to support herself upon her return to society. She did not have the professional tools of her trade, i.e., shears, scissors and clippers. She would need those things to practice, but more importantly, use them to get her license from the State of Colorado. She asked Suzy if DHT/72 Hour Fund could help.

Suzy encouraged her to write a letter outlining her needs and to pray over the letter before it was sent to her. Desiree did both of those things. Upon receiving Desiree’s letter, Suzy shared it with two lady volunteers who were arranging clothes at the DHT HQ. The ladies were touched and offered to donate the money for Desiree so she could buy her tools and get her license and again, become a productive member of society.

Upon her release, Desiree came to DHT/72 Hour Fund and got outfitted with clothes, hygiene items, birth certificate and other essentials. Most of all, she and Suzy went to the store and bought professional shears, scissors and clippers and other equipment necessary for cosmetology success. Now 90 days later, you see Desiree! She has passed her exams, obtained her cosmetology license from the State of Colorado and is actively pursuing her own chair in a salon near her home.

This is simply one story how a “cup of cold water” changed a life in Jesus’ name.

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