A Helping Hand This Holiday Season

Tim Callis

Here is a little look behind the walls this Holiday Season…The Holidays are a joyful time for many of us, but a desperately depressing time for those in prison. More than 90% of all inmates NEVER get a letter or a visit while they are in prison. Over 90%…
This is my friend Timothy Callis, who, since the age of 12, has spent all but two of his 55 years either in juvenile lockup or state prison. Tim committed a heinous crime when he was seventeen and was sentence to 25-life in Colorado. While in prison, he became of follower of Jesus and that one decision changed his life.

Last month, Tim went before the Parole Board for the seventh time. His parole plan resembled a Harvard term paper. Our ministry committed to hire him. He has skills as a barber, forklift operator and injection-molding operator that make him an ideal candidate for long-term success on the outside. The parole board denied him access to go to Community Corrections. In essence, they decided that it is in the best interests of the safety of the people of Colorado to spend another $60,750 for the next two years to keep Tim locked up, rather than partially release him into our care, and let him become a contributing member of society.

I am not here to argue the merits of the Parole Board’s decision, rather, I want to give you a glimpse into someone that you will probably never meet and to give you an opportunity to really live out Jesus’ words in Matthew 25, where He said, “I was in prison and you visited me.” Drop Tim Callis a post card, a Christmas card or letter with the simple message, “You are not forgotten.” Or “we are praying for your disappointment. Take heart”

Timothy R. Callis #45745
Fremont Correctional Facility, Unit 7
P.O. Box 999
Canon City, CO 81215-0999

No need to include your return address, but your thoughtfulness in taking a few moments for Tim will send a beam of light into the darkness for which there can be no substitute.

Together in HIS Service

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  1. Was writing a letter to Tim when I started perusing the internet and found his Flaming Arrow Blog which I had seen in the past, but had forgotten about. What a blessing to run into your comments regarding Tim! He is obviously an incredible testimony for Christ inside the walls. He gets the CSOR Newsletter on a regular basis. I had received his Christmas letter and was touched by it.Susan Walker, M.A.
    Director CSOR (Coalition for Sexual Offense Restoration)
    P.O. Box 27051
    Denver, Co. 80227
    Affiliate/Nat’l. RSOL

  2. Hi I am Dave Umphrey’s daughter. Penni wss in Michigan last year and we talked quite a bit about you.I have heard many sstories over the years about you. I’m very interested in the ID channel and wanted to be a lawyer at one time in my life. I don’t understand why you were sentenced so harshly. I have seen stories about people doing way worse stuff than you when young and get new trials. How did you get convicted with no fingerprints and no physical evidence. I hope you will chat with me because the whole thing makes me crazy! Peace be with youLisa (Umphrey) Kohn

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