No matter how tough an inmate is inside, the thought of “being on the street” is scary.

After release, ex-offenders are anxious and unsure about the basics of life. Essentials like new cloths, hygiene items, I.D cards and a job seem like mountains to be climbed. Predators selling drugs and offering an easy return to the old lifestyles are everywhere.

72 Hour Fund offers vital, solid, hands-on assistance for former inmates as they take positive steps towards successful reintegration. Causal/dressy, winter or summer clothes, bus tokens or hygiene items are all small “cups of cold water” (see Matthew 10:42) that restore. These basic essentials are available on a needs-driven basis for all who make an appointment, or simply drop in.

Vital Information

To make an appointment to visit 72 Hour Fund
call 303-292-2304
OR write to Chris @ the 72 Hour Fund at
PO Box 1508
Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

To make a donation to the 72 Hour Fund / Colorado, please visit
our Make A Donation Page and specify the 72 Hour Fund as your designation for the donation.